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We're the BEST Auto Body Collision Repair there is! Well of course we are but we are a bit biased... ;)


Which means that our website (or anyone else's for that matter) isn't the most credible source to answer the question, "Do these guys ACTUALLY know what they're doing?" 


So don't take our word for it. See what our past customers say about us.

Training & Equipment

Ok, you caught us. We said we weren't going to bore you with auto body collision repair details. But we're really excited about our training and equipment.


Like the fact that fewer than 10% of collision repair facilities nationwide are I-CAR Gold and we're one of them. Or that we have electronic welders that can send a bajillion amps through a single 5mm point.


Come on people, this stuff is rad!   ​

About Us

Did you know we send you photos via text as we work on your car? 


Did you know we are a collision repair facility? Yeah, that means we actually check AND respond to email.


Did you know we have a semi-pro poker player, a Division I college football player, and a professional magician on staff?  True story!

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