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Collision Repair Training and Equipment


I-CAR is the gold standard when it comes collision industry training and less than 10% of facilities nationwide have achieved Gold Class status. We're one of them. We think that is pretty awesome!


But why does I-CAR matter to you? As a Gold Class shop, we require each of our technicians involved in collision repair to take ongoing training every year. We are trained how to fix your vehicle right; what can be safely repaired and what needs to be replaced; and how to see hidden damage you may not see. 


But we promised not to bore you with details. Check out the fliers below or visit I-CAR's website,


We have a lot of equipment. No seriously, A LOT. Performing structural collision repairs to modern vehicles requires technology, precision and strength. And it's expensive.


I mean, come on, we're not a auto body hobby shop. We invest in (i.e. spend lot's of money on) equipment and training because we're working on your car. The one that has 14 airbags, blind spot detection, and electronic vehicle stability control. The same one that went through about a bajillion crash tests before you were even allowed to set foot in it.


We're talking about equipment that measures to the fraction of a millimeter. Computers that communicate with your vehicle's airbag system. Powerful electronic spot welders that drive about a bajillion amps through a point the size of a small nail head. 


So yeah, we have A LOT of equipment. And it's so rad...(Have you seen 12,000 amps of electricity!!??)

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